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Isn't it absolutely fantastic that a group of blues musicians who are practically strangers to each other can hit the right notes and create the most amazing music together and simply jam ahead with absolute comfort?

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There are no secrets as to why this does happen. Perhaps have never met before can easily create music together and jam with ease. This is because their basics and structure of the blues song form is quite well imprinted in their minds. Thanks to countless hours of practice that must have been nothing less than rigorous, there is no wonder why these players can sync with each other and present an impressive, stunning performance using their rhythm guitar and some solos that thrill the listeners hearts.

The most popular form of blues music is the 12 bar Blues, which comes with a distinctive form in both lyrics and chord structure. No wonder, the 12 bar Blues have been featured in countless songs in many popular music forms. The interesting fact about 12 bar Blues is that most of its lyrics comprise just three lines, with the first two lines reading almost the same with just minute differences in terms of phrasing and interjections:

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The 12 bar blues also has 12 measures in a particular chord sequence. At the time of playing, this form is repeated for each verse that is played till the end of the song. You will hear about 8 bar, 16 bar and 24 bar blues, but the one that is played the most is the 12 bar blues.

All it just means is that the song comprises 12 measures in a particular chord sequence. So for each verse that is played on till the end of the song, this form gets repeated. Although you might be familiar with other bars such as the 8 bar, 16 bar and 24 bar blues, there isn't a grain of doubt as to the fact the most popularly played one is 12 bar blues which simply rocks.

Below is a video showing a cool blues guitar riff


The chord progression is quite simple when you have decided to study it seriously. Remember you can play the blues in any keys but simple to identify after some study and attention as it rises and falls in a regular and very familiar pattern. A fact to keep in mind is that chords can be represented with a couple of notation systems.

Now that you are about to begin with your first blues guitar lessons, donít worry too much about being a fast or pacy player. To become a good blues guitar player, speed isnít exactly the most important criterion. What is important is to be infused with an instinctive awareness about how and when to play the right note at the right time to create that absolute perfection of work.

However, before you plunge ahead on an impulse and embark on solos, it would be worthwhile to have a basic knowledge of a set of blues licks. Well, blues lick refers actually to a group of notes that have a special meaning and come together like an ethereal fusion so as to create an expression.

For a successful solo, the focus should be to resort to a superb, balanced dose of these varied licks. All you have to do is carry on with more notes as you move ahead to play the solo with confidence.

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