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For those of you who are desperate to go on and play the blues, it is important to be aware of what the blues guitar scale is all about. Of course, you already know that a wide range of innumerable scales can be played on your guitar but the most common scale that is a popular one too is the blues guitar scale which sounds more musical and effective because it can transcend the different styles of music.

The primary aspect for a guitar player to know is how to finger blues scales all the way up the neck which is known as the "box position." Of course, remember that when you begin to play with the root note and play a scale, a major scale is called as a diatonic scale.

In simple words, we can understand that a blues scale is nothing more than a minor pentatonic scale that comes with an added note known as blue note. This blue note is the determining element that does create a miniscule feel of tension as a common sound in blues guitar music.

Keep in mind that the blues scale comprises only 6 different note names. This means that when you are playing a blues scale on the guitar, you would have to play more than just 6 notes.

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To understand more clearly, let's simplify the scale formula further. A scale formula tells you how the notes relate to a major scale with the same root. Remember that the major scale is the constant. So it is to this major scale that you would obviously compare all other scales.

The numbers in a scale formula are generally called as scale functions. This means that every note in a scale comes with a particular sound or specific relationship linked to the root of the scale.

In many forms of music these days, you can easily spot the hint of blues scales, be it metal, rock or country as these are forms that rely on lead guitar for its music and this is a clear mix and match situation were even jazz is blended in as part of a hybrid fusion.

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Most singers agree that blues guitar scale beats all other guitar scales because it is the solid base for several other music styles. Yet there are so many guitarists who make the mistake of only learning scales as patterns without internalizing the fact that it is important to understand the notes of a scale. It is important to understand that the notes of a scale is what actually helps you to figure out where and how to use or improvise on the scale.

Another challenge is the difficulty that most guitarists face when they jam with other musicians. They find difficulty in trying to adapt their scale knowledge to a new and unfamiliar situation. This is also something that can be tackled if you practice properly and thoroughly.

With these small but important facts on blues scale, experience the difference when you practice next time.

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