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You've been seriously thinking about opting to learn how to play blues guitar, or maybe you have even started playing without much guidance on your own whim. One fine day, you got out of your place and headed to the best shop your friends had told you about and then you bought your guitar. Sure, you might be the next star in blues but first, do get some guidance before you start playing.

I hope you find the information I provide valuable and helpful.

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Remember, learning to play with blues guitar sounds cool but it involves lots of practice, practice and practice before you can say you've mastered the formula for successful learning.

The simplest form of 12 bar Blues uses a key, so be aware that learning to play blues guitar isn't too different from learning to play on any guitar. The most important element that distinguishes the blues from other forms lies in the feel, the range of notes and chords that you can use to master the forms. After all, you are aware of how the eight notes tend to break each beat into two pieces that are exactly equal. Three pieces come into play when we refer to a swing feel. This dividing of each beat into three beats is called eighth note triplets.

It is important for you to practice on strumming a chord while you learn to play the blues guitar. After all, you are just getting started, so it is best that you keep aside at least half an hour daily to refresh your mind with whatever was discussed during the previous lesson and practice on that to get a good feel of the basic techniques.

To start with, you can focus on practicing strumming a chord. This could be like an E7, which is a shortcut to the expression E dominant 7. But don't confuse this with the dominant seventh chords because these are two different things, not the same.

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What you can do is start practice of strumming on the strong beats, the ones labeled with a number one to begin with and echo the familiar sounds that were so wonderfully done by some of the best musical artists like B B King.

Try to practice strumming patterns using different chords. You can do strumming patterns with one chord, then switch to another chords, and play the pattern you started with once more. But when you are a beginner, you are bound to stumble across difficult times that no matter what you do or how hard you give it your best, your fingers tend to fail you but you should be patient and not feel tempted to give up.

It is also important to master the technique of playing the dominant seventh type of chord. The dominant seventh chords make use of the elements such as root, third, and fifth in order to prove its timeless, striking appeal.

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Remember, the golden rule in blues is that all of its chords are dominant seventh chords.

Finally, the blues is what you care about so give it your best and bring out your own blues sometime to create mind-blowing music. Let the world turn in awe to hear what you have created.

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