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Below are some Great Blues Guitar Websites.

Learn Acoustic Blues Guitar
Learn Acoustic Blues Guitar website. Here you will be able your answers to Learning to master the Acoustic Blues Guitar and other information about the Acoustic blues guitar world. Including Acoustic Blues Guitar Tabs, Blues Guitar Chords, Acoustic Blues Guitars, Acoustic Blues Guitar Riffs, Blues and Guitar Scales,
Learn Acoustic Blues Guitar

Learn Acoustic Blues Guitar

Blues For Peace
A Good selection of stuff related to Learning the blues guitar and Blues Artists.
Blues for Peace was set up in Israel to honor the roots of blues music and promote peace and the understanding that ALL peoples have had their share of the blues.
Blues for peace

12 Bar Blues
Great Lessons, Info about the artist, free lessons in different blues styles. Beginner's Blues, Basics Of Guitar Music, Chords, Blues Rhythm Guitar, Blues Scales, Blues Techniques, Blues Soloing, Advanced Soloing: Cream, Fingerstyle Blues, Slide Guitar, Blues Styles, also a community forum, all about the blues.
12 Bar Blues

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